Today we open our Doors for the First Time!!

Today marks our first tour date!!! come out and join US Tickets are online or at  the door (for the same price)!!!!  Arrive at 9pm!!!

Hi I'm Trinah and I am a new resident to Tryon NC but believe me I have put in the work to make sure this History in my stories is correct according to local historic authors and local Historians! I am a Medium as well. I can connect you to the Other Side or the Spirit World if they are willing to talk or communicate. I can see, hear, and talk to them. I can also feel emotions and physical pain from each spirit that wishes to tell me their story. Not all spirits want to communicate so it is a spirit by spirit bases on whether or not I can give a reading what I like to call an After Life Interpretation. I can only share what they share with me. I am not offering readings to connect you to your lost loved ones but if a message from the Other Side is deemed important I can pass it along.